We are proud to announce the opening of our new brick and mortar store HIGHTIDE STORE BUNRINDO in a small neighborhood of our home ground Fukuoka on Thursday, June 22 2023.
The new small stationery store is located in Bunrindo, the local printing studio with whom we established business partnership in January of the year.

Our common aim is to hand down the technique and culture of letterpress printing that Bunrindo has cultivated, also create new presentation and communication through it; we opened the kiosk as a part of our continuous actions to spread the art of good old things.

We renovated by ourselves the studio crammed with vintage printing types and machines.
We sell carefully-selected our original stationery and diaries, also offer custom-notebook services that customers can make their own tailor-made notebook by choosing cover and pages as they would like, thanks to the cooperation of Kakimori, another stationery store at Kuramae, Tokyo.
In addition, we will organize letterpress printing workshop here.

To celebrate its grand opening, we made limited items for here: mini envelopes and greeting cards designed Bun-chan, the mascot of Bunrindo.
We will make new original paper products by letterpress and stencil printing too.

Other limited items are the special covers and pages for the custom notebook stand, which high pressure of Heidelberg printing machine enables; the decorative frame on the cover and ruling of the pages are printed or embossed with types of line.

We offer Bun-chan drawstring bag as novelty gift for the purchase over 1,000yen (tax in) in limited quantity.
It’s also letterpress printed, which gives individual flavor of unevenness of ink.

We hope our new store, as well as the craftsmanship of letterpress printing, will be something familiar for you in the calm quartier.

5-2-18 Torikai Jonan-ku Fukuoka
weekdays: 1pm – 6pm / weekends and holidays: 10am – 6pm
Wednesday closed
Instagram: @hightidestore_bunrindo

Since 1994, based in Fukuoka city, HIGHTIDE has developed stationery and lifestyle products and sold them wholesale to domestic and overseas retailers. It operates its own online store, and brick-and-mortar stores, three in Japan and two in the U.S.

Bunrindo LLC
Printing studio stablished at Torikai, Fukuoka in 1972. After its long history of family owned printing business, it is committed  to spread experience and excitement of handwork and connection with people through creative works and workshops of letterpress printing.

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